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Introducing BISSELL® SmartClean™ – the first vacuum cleaner with automatic floor type recognition that removes even the toughest dirt and hair on all floor types. Thanks to SmartClean Technology, the motorized floor nozzle automatically detects the floor type and adjusts the suction for optimal performance. The motorized Tangle-Free Brush Roll efficiently picks up hair and embedded dirt while preventing hair wrap. The Patented Multi-Cyclonic Spooling System™ provides powerful suction and features a Hygienic Emptying System to effortlessly release the dirt from the tank without reaching inside, keeping your hands clean. The motorized floor nozzle features LED’s to easily see debris under furniture or other hard-to-reach places. The ergonomic, two-position handle allows for maximum maneuverability when cleaning floors, under furniture or above floor surfaces. The motorized nozzle can easily be attached to the handle for convenient cleaning of hair and embedded debris from stairs and other surfaces. Together, these features combine to create our Advanced Hair Management System that removes embedded hair and debris without requiring frequent cleaning of the vacuum.

  • Automatic Floor Type Recognition: The SmartClean™ Sensor automatically detects when cleaning bare floor or carpet and adjusts the suction power to the correct setting for optimal cleaning.
  • Thorough, Tangle-Free Cleaning: The motorized floor nozzle with Tangle-Free Brush Roll provides powerful cleaning performance without the need to remove hair after cleaning.
  • Hygienic Emptying System: The patented multi-cyclonic system provides powerful performance and allows for debris to fall effortlessly from the tank, keeping your hands clean.


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