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Apartments can be a great housing option depending on your needs. But these smaller spaces come with their own set of cleaning challenges.  When you think about it, cleaning an apartment should be easy, right? It’s a smaller space so it shouldn’t take as much time to run through all the necessary chores. But the fact that it’s smaller can actually be a challenge. Apartments usually have limited storage, meaning it’s possible you’ll have to pick and choose the kind of cleaning products and machines you keep around. In this article, we’ll go through our favorite tips and products to recommend to people when they ask us how to clean an apartment.

Less is More

When it comes to small space living, lightweight and compact machines are your best bet. We recommend our cordless vacuums to our customers looking for apartment cleaning tips. They’re easy to maneuver around furniture and don’t take up too much storage space, which is a big plus. We have a lot to choose from, and they’re all great, but one of our favorites is the Adapt™ Ion Pet 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum. It’s the epitome of convenience with features like a removeable hand vacuum to clean messes off furniture, a Brush Roll ON/OFF Switch that lets you go from cleaning hard floors to carpets and a 2-Way Folding Handle that comes in handy when cleaning far under furniture and storing the machine. Plus, it’s one of our highly rated vacuums. With an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5*, it’s clear a lot of people are happy with adding this vacuum to their apartments.

*Overall star rating from as of 6/27/15.

“Just what I needed for my apartment. It is effective at picking up cat hair and small debris and holds the charge well. Doesn’t take up much storage space and the light weight is great for this 71-year-old with back issues. The removable hand vac is a plus. Was easy to “assemble” and is simple to use. It is relatively quiet — my scaredy cat, who hates vacuum cleaners, will even stay in the same room when it is in use (as long as it doesn’t come too close). Definitely would recommend it for smaller quarters like an apartment…”*  –Reve Wen, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 6/21/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

Make the Most of Your Machines

Of course, when it comes to cleaning apartments, there’s more that needs to be done than just vacuuming. Every so often apartments need a good deep clean, too. So, what exactly is the best way to deep clean apartments? Everyone’s opinion of a deep clean differs, but when we think of deep cleaning at BISSELL, we think of cleaning carpets. However, we know many apartments don’t have a lot of carpet these days. So, we’ll expand the idea of deep cleaning to mopping your floors, instead of just vacuuming them. But mops can be gross! Not only are they a hassle to use, they’re a hassle to clean up, and then you have to store that dirty mop with your other cleaning supplies. That’s why we recommend apartment dwellers get a CrossWave® Cordless Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac.

The best feature of this machine, especially for those wondering how to clean apartments quickly, is that it vacuums and washes sealed hard floors and area rugs at the same time. Plus, it’s cordless, providing up to 25 minutes of cordless cleaning freedom on a full charge. It also works with our special formulas that leave a fresh scent behind once you’re done cleaning, so your apartment doesn’t just look clean, it smells clean too! And when it comes to storing CrossWave Cordless, it really couldn’t be any more convenient that the 3-in-1 Docking Station that charges, stores and cleans out your machine.

“Living in New York, space is always an issue in the apartment. This one stands upright and if you keep it in the docking station, it will be continuously charged and ready to go for next time. I have two long haired dogs and a toddler, so all types of [messes are] abundant here and I need my vacuum to be on call at all times.”* –Ocast, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 6/21/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

When it comes to helping people figure out how to clean apartments and how to keep apartments clean, we could go on and on. These are just two of the many products we recommend when people ask us ‘what’s the best way to clean my apartment’? Another helpful place to check out is our product selector. Just answer a few questions about your cleaning needs and we’ll help you pick out your best fit. Our spring cleaning tips also translate well for more ideas on deep cleaning apartments. Check out this post that breaks down chores room by room. Print it out, hang it on the fridge and get to work! 


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